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Coaches, Consultants & Managers are you looking for a validated tool kit? 

Unlock Your Potential with Leadership Coaching, DISC Assessments, & Enhanced Communication Skills

Unlock the power of DISC Assessments for business! Join me for a free 60-minute taster session.

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My passion lies in coaching individuals at both personal and professional levels. I aim to work with more individuals and leadership teams ready to explore and understand themselves better, fostering personal growth and development

So, what's my secret ?

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Well, it's a blend of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and DISC Training, guaranteed to supercharge your journey to full potential! So buckle up, because together, we're about to embark on the most fun-filled, adventure-packed ride to gain clarity!

Our Services

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Transform managers into leaders in 30 days

The 4-week 1:1 coaching program, meticulously designed to unfold over four weeks with Communication Guru.

Employee Well Being Coaching

Under our expert guidance, you'll experience transformative changes, resulting in enhanced
mental and emotional well-being, increased resilience, and a stronger sense of empowerment.

DISC Training &

Understanding what makes people "tick" is often a mystery for many leaders, managers, and team members.

DISC Assessments - Personality test

The DISC Assessment personality test system is a fabulous tool that has helped countless numbers
of individuals to unlock the people puzzle by identifying an individual’s traits.

Alexa Young, CA

"I would highly recommend Godwin and not just those who have relationship conflict within their company or looking to recruit. Godwin has a great balance with his approach, personal and professional. The results speak for themselves".

Head Teacher

Fairfield Infant and Colneis Junior School

“The DISC profiles provided a really valuable asset in terms of both identifying key character traits in potential candidates, but more importantly as a vehicle to frame more specific questions to them” -
Head Teacher – Fairfield Infant and Colneis Junior School

Lisa Driver, MI

Human Resources trained on DISC through Ascent Leadership and use them to provide us with online DISC personality profile reports.

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