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Transform managers into leaders in 30 days

With over two decades of experience across care, commercial, and education sectors, I bring a wealth of expertise. Picture countless coaching and training sessions where I blend knowledge with passion and magic.


Transformative journey in our "Managers to Leaders in 30 days"

The 4-week 1:1 coaching program, meticulously designed to unfold over four weeks with Communication Guru. This intensive and personalised experience is tailored for aspiring leaders eager to unlock their potential and catalyse profound change within their teams and organisation.
Across four weeks of dedicated coaching, you'll engage in tailored sessions aimed at refining your leadership skills, mindset, and strategies. This program spans four consecutive weeks, allowing for in-depth exploration, reflection, and growth.

Week 1: Setting the Foundation

- Assess your current leadership style and pinpoint areas for growth.
- Define your leadership vision and set clear goals for the program.
- Explore fundamental leadership principles, focusing on effective communication and team motivation.

Week 2: Building Leadership Skills

- Cultivate essential leadership proficiencies such as communication, decision-making, and problem-solving.
- Learn techniques for inspiring and empowering your team to unleash their full potential.
- Explore strategies for fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and accountability.

Week 3: Leading with Impact

- Delve deeper into advanced leadership concepts tailored to your unique challenges and aspirations.
- Address obstacles hindering your leadership progression and devise actionable strategies for overcoming them.
- Fine-tune your leadership approach to drive tangible bottom-line results and foster sustainable growth.

Week 4: Sustaining Leadership Excellence

- Reflect on your journey thus far, celebrating achievements and evaluating progress.
- Identify sustainable strategies for maintaining leadership excellence in the long term.
- Craft a personalized roadmap for continued growth and success as a leader, equipped with new found confidence and clarity.

Throughout the four-week program, you'll receive ongoing support, guidance, and accountability, ensuring you stay aligned with your leadership objectives and maximize your potential. By the end of the program, you'll emerge as a transformative leader poised to make an enduring impact on your team and organization.

Let's have a face to face or virtual coffee ..

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